Watch a 16" Tonner Doll~ Charlotte ~ repaint from start to finish part 1

This is the doll I will be using for my repaint demonstration. She is a Basic Black Charlotte by Tonner Doll Co.  This isn't a "How to Repaint" Tutorial, but rather a demonstration of how I repaint a doll. To learn more about how you can learn to repaint a fashion doll, you may want to check out my Instructional CDs here:

Instructional Manuals on CD

 Here are the supplies used for this doll repaint:

Onyx brand nail polish remover ( 100% acetone ), Cotton balls, Q-Tips, a 4H drawing pencil, pink watercolor pencil

Paints used:  Golden Brand: Titan Buff, Burnt Umber Light, Burnt Sienna,  Raw Umber, Nickle Azo Gold,  Anthraquinone Blue, Cerulean Blue Deep, Carbon Black.

   Delta: Magnolia White, Charcoal, Barn Red              Folk Art: Passion Punch, Acorn Brown, Raw Sienna

Liquitex: French Blue         Apple Barrel: Dusty Mauve

Sealers used: Liquitex Matte Varnish, Liquitex High Gloss, Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS ( Ultra Matte )

 Left:  All the facial screening was removed using Onyx Brand 100% Acetone nail polish remover. Middle:  I start my repaint by lightly painting in the eyebrows basic shape with acorn brown. Right: First layers of brow hairs painted in with titan buff.


Left: A wash of acorn brown was layered to tone down the titan buff. Hairs painted in with burnt umber light. Middle: Whites of eyes painted in several very thin layers with magnolia white. Right: Eye whites have been rimmed all along the edges with a mix of burnt umber light and pale gray ( black-white mix ).



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