added May 2007

This was a custom doll I did for a lovely lady who dances by the name Chandara. She wanted a doll made in tribal style belly dance costuming to resemble her own. I actually made the tassel belt the "real" Chandara is wearing in the top photo!

Her doll was created to reflect the spirit of tribal belly dance and as closely as possible reflect the dancer herself. I even painted her tattoo on the back of the doll and gave her "dred falls" to match the ones the dancer wears. The hands on the doll were reshaped to match the position in the photos Chandara sent me to work off of. This doll was a total pleasure to do, as well as a challenge. I had never made a "choli" before. ( That's the style top may tribal dancers wear.) Although I had made tribal belly dance dolls before, I had never custom made one.

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