Learn to Repaint Barbie Dolls Tutorial

CURRENTLY Unavailable as I am updating the entire tutorial to bring it up to date for 2016.


Absolutely everything you need to know to learn to repaint fashion dolls like the professional doll artists, demonstrated on Barbie dolls and others.

I have written three instructional manuals for learning to repaint dolls. I have combined them all one one BIG, information packed tutorial so that even if you have never picked up a paint brush or a doll, you can learn the art of doll repainting. Part one of my repaint tutorial starts out at the very beginning and shows you each step of the repaint process from start to finish.

I wish I had a guide like this when I wanted to learn to repaint!

When I started trying to repaint dolls back in 2001, I had no lessons, no CDs, nothing to help me. As a result it took me a couple years before I could actually produce a decent repaint. If I had this tutorial and the lessons within, I could have learned the right way, the proper techniques, the correct supplies, from the very start. I could have saved SO much time and effort. You will have it very easy when you use this guide to repainting your fashion dolls.

I supply the knowledge, you add your skills and practice and watch what you can create.

You get detailed instructions on how to make your doll come alive, with steps that teach you a natural and realistic style of repainting.  From tear ducts to realistic teeth, how to hold a brush, what size brush to use, preparing the doll for the repaint, and especially what not to do!  I show you how to avoid common mistakes, proper eyebrow placement and more.

Part Two takes the lessons you learned in part one and takes them to the next level. This section concentrates on how to enhance your repainted doll by learning to add expression. No other guide covers this crucial area! A pretty doll is easy to learn how to paint, but a doll with an expressive face is on a whole different level. And I SHOW you how to achieve this with lots of photos, demonstrations, and examples. An expressive doll will make your dolls stand out from the crowd. It will bring her to life!

Part Three is for a more intermediate student, which you will soon be after learning parts one and two. Once you are comfortable doing repaints, but want to progress beyond a beginner level, this section will help you. Professional doll artists know how to achieve a realistic look by proper application of shading, creating dimensional features, perfectly painted eyebrows, exquisite eye detail and more. Dolls shown in this section include Barbie by Mattel, Tyler by Tonner Dolls, Gene, Alex and a Butterfly Ring doll.


(SEE PHOTOS SAMPLES from each section by clicking on the highlighted words above-Part One, Part Two and Part Three.)

Before and AFTER repainting photos- in case you missed them.

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